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In unfortunate news, this week, the pit bull ban in Montreal was upheld. If you recall, the city of Montreal banned all pit bulls and pit bull type dogs from being adopted. In addition, people who own pit bull type dogs in the city will have to register their dogs, subject themselves to a criminal background check, and will also be required to keep their dogs leashed and muzzled in public.


The Montreal SPCA has vowed not to put down healthy, adoptable dogs, even with the ban in place. In fact, the organization says it will transfer these pit bulls to partner rescue groups outside of the city, into foster homes, and to forever homes not within Montreal.

The Canadian Superior Court is reviewing the new law and its effects, and may decide to overturn it in the future. Until then, animal advocacy groups like the SPCA have promised to keep fighting.

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“Though the fight is not over, we are extremely disappointed by today’s decision and particularly preoccupied by not being able to continue finding adoptive homes in Montreal for all of our healthy and behaviourally-sound dogs, regardless of their physical appearance,” states Me Alanna Devine, Director of Animal Advocacy of the Montreal SPCA. “The Montreal SPCA has, at the core of its mission, the protection of all animals, regardless of species or breed. Not being able find homes for healthy, adoptable and behaviourally-sound dogs and puppies goes against the very essence of what our organization stands for and we will therefore be communicating shortly with our municipal partners to review our existing animal services contracts.”

This new law going into effect is BSL (Breed-Specific Legislation) at its finest. Here is how you can fight this nonsense.

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