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The Betty White Challenge

We all know how much the late Betty White adored animals. She learned early on to be an animal lover, often taking in homeless pets and strays with her parents, while growing up during the Great Depression. The icon was a longtime supporter of the LA Zoo, American Humane, The Morris Animal Foundation, Guide Dogs for the Blind, and many more. While she absolutely loved performing, her burning passion was to help animals. “I stayed in show business to pay for my animal business,” Betty famously said.

And now you can honor Betty’s memory while helping further the cause.Betty White

And today, on what would have been her 100th birthday, there is a viral campaign on social media called The Betty White Challenge. To participate, all you have to do is make a donation in any amount to the animal charity of your choice. Then post about it on social media using the hashtag #bettywhitechallenge. Hopefully, millions of dollars will be raised to help animals in need.

Betty White

Let’s honor the memory of this legend by doing the thing that she loved most-helping animals in need.

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