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The RRR Facial

Breaking news! I had one of the most amazing facials I’ve ever had recently! And anyone who knows me knows that I live for facials and this one is the real deal.

Me after the RRR Facial by Sous La Face

Me after the RRR Facial by Sous La Face

Amanda Jeppesen, creator of Sous La Face, which translates into “beneath the face,” is so talented and inspiring. She launched her beauty biz during the pandemic, after being a stay-at-home mom for over a decade! She worked super-hard and never gave up, and created her unique, one-of-a-kind RRR (Radical Radiance Regime) facial.

It started off with a thorough cleanse, followed by facial reflexology, releasing the Masseter muscle, the Buccal massage in the mouth (!!!), followed by the strongest yet effective micro-current I have ever experienced.

But the results speak for themselves: lifted, sculpted, and glowing! And now I’m red carpet ready! Thank you Amanda at Sous La Face ❤️

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