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The City of Sacramento aims to help both homeless pets and people from the cold weather this season. Together, with the Volunteers of America, announced the expansion of the Winter Refuge Center in a City-owned facility.

Homeless People and Dogs

Starting now, this shelter will be open from 6pm-6am to serve the homeless, and the Front Street Animal Shelter will provide bags of food, blankets, and kennels of varying sizes for dogs. Also, individuals who utilize the refuge center will have access to a Sutter Health Navigator nurse who will be on hand to provide health assessments and service referrals. There will also be a street nurse who checks on the homeless population around City Hall.

Mayor Darrel Sternberg said, “I cannot thank our city staff and community partners enough for the incredible work they have done to get this new center opened tonight. This is the exact kind of compassionate action and urgency we need to get on top of this crisis as we work to develop long term solutions for permanent housing and services.”

The City’s Weather Refuge Center at Southside Park (2107 6th Street) remains available from 6:00p.m. to 6:00a.m. when temperatures are forecast below 40 degrees. Learn more about the Winter Refuge Center here.

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