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Backyard bbqs, pool parties, good times with friends and family, and fireworks, all the makings of a great 4th of July holiday for people. But the can be an absolute nightmare for pets.

4th of july dogs

Dogs sense of hearing is four times sharper than that of humans. So when they hear loud fireworks, not only do they get confused, but completely freaked out. Many go running for the hills and get lost from their pet parents and homes, ending up on the street and in shelters. And because of the high influx of displaced pets entering the already overcrowded shelters, many animals are euthanized to make space.

But there are ways to minimize the chances of this happening with some practical and easy-to-follow preventative tips to try and ensure that all pets have a safe and healthy holiday.

  • Keep calm while watching fireworks because dogs pick up on body language so if you get scared, chances are, they will too.
  • Keep all pets inside the home during the fireworks show. Secure all doors, windows, and gates to prevent escaping pets.
  • Take your pet out for a long walk before the fireworks start to tire him out before the action and for relaxation.
  • During the fireworks, throw the dog’s favorite ball or toy so he will direct his attention on the game at hand, and not the show.
  • If the dog does freak out and hide, let him be until he is comfortable to come out. Trying to force him to get used to the noise will only aggravate him/her.
  • Purchase a ThunderShirt for your dog to try to ease his nerves and calm him.

Please stay safe this 4th of July and take care of your pets. Happy Independence Day!


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