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Oprah + Prince Harry’s The Me You Can’t See Trailer

Oprah and Prince Harry have teamed up to produce The Me You Can’t See, a five-part series on mental health, airing on Apple TV+ starting May 21st. And the first trailer has been released, spotlighting the universality of mental health, and how it affects us all.

The Me You Can't See

The cast includes everyday people, as well as Lady Gaga, actress Glenn Closebasketball player DeMar DeRozan; Chopped champion and chef Rashad Armstead; poet Hussain Manawar; US boxer Jimmy Fuchs; actor Zak Williams, Robin Williams’s son, and many more people brave enough to share their stories.

The show will also detail Prince Harry and Oprah’s struggles with mental health as well.

In case you didn’t know, we talk a lot about mental health on my podcast, Women on Top. It is something that has become so much more important to me as I have been able to talk to experts and explore my own mental health issues. So I will definitely be tuning into this series, will you?

Watch The Me You Can’t See when it premieres on Apple TV+ on May 21st.

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