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Having just returned from the Cannes Film Festival last week, one thought is already going through my mind. And that is, “When can I go back?” I love the South of France for many rose-fueled reasons, but one is definitely the food. It is the perfect mix of French and Mediterranean, with lots of fresh seafood, delish goat cheese, and of course, some of the best crusty baguettes on the planet. And while there are a plethora of 5 star eating establishments in this region, here are my top 5 fave local restaurants stretching from Arles to Monte-Carlo.

Red Carpet Roxy sipping rose aboard The Harle in Cannes

Red Carpet Roxy sipping rose aboard The Harle in Cannes

1. Gaston et Gastounette in Cannes. Super old-school French restaurant right off of the Croisette overlooking le Vieux Port. Think white tablecloth service with waiters in dinner jackets serving up traditional fare like steak frites, bouillabaisse and sole meniuere. It’s the perfect setting for a late lunch with a bottled of chilled Minuty.

2. Lunch aboard The Harle in Cannes. Part of the allure of coming to the Cannes Film Festival, in my opinion, is to spend time aboard a yacht. I mean, why wouldn’t you? So when I got the invitation to lunch aboard the Harle, I was thrilled! And the food was amaze! Definitely on the healthier side, the spread, prepared by an executive chef, included a mixed salad, fresh grilled fish, roasted vegetables and lots of scrumptious French wine!

3. Le Grillion in Aix-en-Provence. Two words: Nicoise salad. If you are looking for the real deal, this is definitely the place for it. This French bistro is also situated in the heart of Aix, so you can walk around and shop, enjoy the sights or just people watch!

The charming street of Arles, France

The charming street of Arles, France

4. Cafe de Paris in Monte-Carlo. OK, so not technically in France, Cafe de Paris sits across from the The Casino de Monte-Carlo in the heart of Monaco. And the location couldn’t have been better, especially since I was there during the Monaco Grand Prix. In fact, dining here provided me with a front row seat to the race. And the olive bread was so yummy!

5. L’Amandier in Arles: This Provencial/Moroccan restaurant isn’t fancy by any means, but the food was so good. The standouts for me were the chicken couscous and the chicken tagine which were perfectly seasoned and nice switch from the French cuisine I had been eating. And the ratatouille was probably the best I have ever had. And now I am hungry! Bon appetit!

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  1. Bailey says:

    Roxy. I loved seeing all of your beautiful instagrams from you trip…and I’m just now seeing this post-I’m highly tempted to plan a trip for my husband and me. These restaurants sound fabulous!!!! Can’t wait to see your pics of upcoming trips!!!

  2. I can confirm that Gaston is one of Cannes’ best eateries. Many of them change over time as fashions pass. Gaston is as reliable as clockwork – but tastier.