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Democratic Presidential candidate Julian Castro has unveiled a sweeping legislative plan that would protect animals and wildlife. The PAW (Protecting Animals and Wildlife) Plan would end euthanizing domestic dogs and cats, make animal abuse a federal crime and respond to President Donald Trump’s recent overhaul of the Endangered Species Act.

shelter dogs

“The president does not care about animals and his cruel actions prove it,” Castro said in the statement. “He has put corporate profits over living creatures and individual fortunes over our future.”

This comes right on the heels of the Trump administration announcing that it would minimize regulations relating to the Endangered Species Act, including ending blanket protections for animals newly added to the Endangered Species List.

In an effort to try and end the problem of homeless animals on the streets, Castro is proposing a $40 million grant to expand spay and neutering services, and to hold puppy mills accountable. He also wants to pass the PACT Act, which would make animal abuse a federal crime.

Julian Castro

In addition to these ideas, the presidential hopeful also wants to work with homeless shelters to create a system which would enable them to take in those seeking shelter with pets, rather than turn them away.

The plan also targets trophy hunting — a favorite hobby of the president’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr.

“People and animals have coexisted and thrived together since the start of history, but now with the climate crisis and human activity that symbiotic relationship is at risk,” Castro’s plan states.

So what do you think of Castro’s animal-friendly plan?


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