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Happy Fourth of July! This is my favorite holiday because of the warm summer weather, backyard bbq’s and fireworks. But this isn’t a traditionally happy time for pets. The sound of fireworks and large crowds can scare them. And many of them escape their homes to get away from these things, and end up lost, killed or in animal shelters. So in order to prevent this, here are some safety tips to keep your pets safe this holiday.

fourth of july dog

Most importantly, never use fireworks near pets, Also, leave pets in a safe, quiet, secure, climate controlled place instead of taking them to fireworks displays.

Check fences for any holes and ask all party guests to keep gates and door shuts to keep pets in.

Exercise pets early in the day on the fourth of July, and make sure they have adequate potty breaks so they are relaxed later on.

Never leave alcoholic beverage in the reach of pets. They can cause respiratory failure and death in pets.

Never leave pets in the car as temperatures soar in the summer in an automobile and can kill a pet in minutes. Even with the windows rolled down.

Keep pets away from lighter fluid, citronella, tiki torch oil, and other chemicals. All are poisonious to animals and can result in death.

In case a pet escapes, make sure they either have identification on their collar or are microchipped and all of the info is up to date.

Have a safe, happy and healthy Fourth of July!

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