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Willem Dafoe, Christoph Waltz premiere Dead for a Dollar

A traditional western with a progressive twist? Yes, please! Welcome to Dead for a Dollar, starring Rachel Brosnahan, Willem Dafoe, Christoph Waltz, and Benjamin Bratt, and directed and written by the great Walter Hill (Aliens, 48Hrs., The Warriors).

Dead for a Dollar

The story centers on Max Borlund (Waltz), a bounty hunter who visits his sworn enemy, a bank robber (Joe Cribbens) played by Dafoe, right before the latter is about to get released from prison. They call a truce, as Cribbens had his sight set on retaliating on Borlund, at that meeting. Then Borlund takes on a new job, trying to find Rachel Kidd (Brosnahan) thought to have been kidnapped by Elijah Jones (Brandon Scott). But he soon finds out that she willingly left her philandering, abusive husband played by Hamish Linklater. And look for Bratt, who takes on the role of Tiberio Vargas, a twisted, villainous businessman who isn’t afraid to settle a score with a few bullets and no remorse.

This film isn’t afraid to tackle controversial subjects such as racism and sexism, which typically isn’t seen in this type of movie genre. “It’s a good story.” Hill asserted. “But it’s also relevant to the times we live in.”

Dead for a Dollar

“If you get the chance (to work with Hill), you say yes.” said Waltz, when I interviewed him on the red carpet at the film’s premiere at the DGA. I also spoke with Bratt, who had nothing but love for Hill too, “I grew up on westerns. So to actually end up being in one, let alone one that’s written and directed by Walter Hill is a kind of dream come true.”

Dead for a Dollar

Dafoe also let me in on his most memorable scene to shoot (spoiler alert!!!) which you can see in this video. And legendary actress Jacqueline Bisset came out to support her good friend, Hill, and had a very honest chat with me about why she avoided the pitfalls of Hollywood and how she sustained a very successful, lasting career, which you can also watch in the video below.

Dead for a Dollar is streaming now on platforms such as Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, and DIRECTV.

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