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Brooke Burke Launches Longevity Superfood Blends

Spending a beautiful day in Malibu, sipping delish superfood smoothies, doing yoga exercises, and enjoying the sun makes for a pretty good Thursday, don’t you think? And that is what I did this week at Brooke Burke’s Longevity Superfood Blends launch at Rafi Lounge overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Longevity Superfood launch

We got to sample a variety of Longevity-based recipes (smoothies, acai bowls, stuffed dates) which were so good. And the plant-based, wheat-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free Longevity blends contain therapeutic levels of chia seed, flaxseed, green tea, probiotics, goji, and more in a single scoop serving. And it comes in two flavors-Cafe Mocha and Cacao.

Brooke Burke performing a cacao ceremony

Brooke Burke performing a cacao ceremony

And speaking of Cacao, Brooke also treated us to a Cacao ceremony-my first time! Basically, the organic, raw cacao was placed in direct sunlight and turns into a beverage which we sipped before a brief meditation. Basically, it is designed to open the heart, promote a spiritual awakening, and restore good health. Did you know that cacao has been shown to lower blood pressure?

Celebrating Brooke Burke's Longevity Superfoods Launch

Celebrating Brooke Burke’s Longevity Superfoods Launch

“The ingredients in Longevity have been part of my personal health and wellness routine so I can say with confidence THEY WORK!” said Burke, Founder and CEO of Brooke Burke Body. “Brooke Burke Body has always been about making exercise and nutrition available to everyBODY – no matter your fitness level, access to gym equipment, or time commitment. I am thrilled to team up with Forever Brands to bring Longevity to the world and further showcase how simple health and wellness can truly be.”

And here is the recipe for the BB Body Super Shake, which was so good:

Almond Milk


1/2 Frozen Banana

Almond Butter



1 Scoop of Longevity Cacao Superfood

You can shop Longevity Superfoods here. Enjoy!

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