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In a landmark bill that is currently sitting on the desk of California Governor Jerry Brown, homeless pets may finally get a huge break. A.B. 485 is a measure that would prevent pet stores from selling cats, dogs, and rabbits that come from animal (puppy) mills or from private breeders of any sort. If someone wants to buy a pet from a breeder, they would have to contact the breeder directly.

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Instead, with this bill, pet stores would be encouraged to sell rescued animals from shelters, thereby, reducing the number of animals euthanized in shelters every year. According to a nonprofit called The No Kill Advocacy Center, about a third of animals that enter shelters in the United States don’t make it out alive, but the hope is that with the passing of this bill, that number will be greatly reduced and one day, eliminated.

According to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), 391 California pet stores have already pledged not to sell commercially raised puppies. Petsmart, which formerly sold cats and dogs from breeders, moved to the rescue-only model and has adopted out more than 7.6 million animals, according to their adoption site.

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But not everyone is a fan of this bill. The American Kennel Club, which is a big proponent of breeding and enforcing breed standards, claims that they bill will ruin breeders’ businesses and that it “interferes with individual freedoms” by limiting their choices.

I think this bill is long overdue and will hopefully save thousands, if not millions, of animals lives. And you can contact Gov. Brown’s office and let him know you are in support of him signing A.B. 485 by calling (916) 445-2841. He has until October 15th to pass or veto all of the bills on his desk.

How do you feel about this issue? We want to know! And please adopt, don’t shop!

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