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In my opinion, there are angels who walk the earth, and this man is one of them. Meet Scott Poore. He lives in Kansas City and he has dedicated his life to saving homeless animals. And he was so moved by one local dog named Queen who has been at the Great Plains SPCA for over 400 days, overlooked day after day, that he decided to do something about it.

Queen the shelter dog

In order to shine a light on finding Queen a home and the issue of homeless pets, Poore has moved in, yes you heard that right, moved into Queen’s dog run at the shelter. Like setting up a cot on the floor and running his business, Mission Driven Goods, with an iPad. And he really hopes Queen will find her forever home.

scott poore

“She is the most affectionate lovable dog I’ve probably ever worked with. She has tons of energy,” Poore said. “She’s gentle and loving. The past couple months she’s started losing hope, and that’s what motivated me to do this. I’m not going to let her lose hope.”

And he feels like it’s only fair that he pay rent, so he is asking for donations from the public. And for the month of September, the shelter will match the donations, dollar for dollar.

Here is the link to meet Queen. She is absolutely lovely and deserves to be loved by a family of her own. Please spread the word, and remember, adopt don’t shop.

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