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I had so much fun as the on-air host of Conair STYLE360 during New York Fashion Week and the Harman/Kardon studio. It was a blast talking to all of the celebs and designers about fashion, fun and music.

Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra kicked things off at STYLE360 this season by hosting the opening party at the Sanctuary Hotel Rooftop, which was sponsored by Yarnz. Carmen looked ferosh in a sexy black and white McQueen suit complemented with a sleek, high, pulled back hair look, which was created by Mauricio Hair ( He is a hair master, and I was lucky enough to get my mane tamed by him, which you will see tomorrow, as well. Carmen and I chatted about her hectic fashion week schedule and let me in on one of her fave pastimes-singing at the top of her lungs in the car. Wouldn’t it be funny to be in the car next to that?

Zombie Boy

Songstress Collette Carr opened the Tumbler and Tipsy by Michael Kuluva show with her song “F16” and the presentation was full of color, sparkle and Zombie Boy! Yes, the tattooed from head to toe male model made his STYLE360 debut at the T & T show. He mentioned to me that he likes getting his beauty sleep and that slumbers while standing up. I shouldn’t be surprised, right?


Johnny Weir again walked in Michael’s show while sporting a pair of Harman/Kardon headphones, while his hubby, Victor Voronov cheered him on from the first row. Olympic Silver medalist Sasha Cohen also attended, and you might be wondering why so many figure skaters at one show? That’s because Michael was a figure skater himself once upon a time and they were all on the circuit together.

Ashton Michael

Next up was the Ashton Michael fashion show which was all about goth-influenced street style. Ashton had a variety of models, one of them being Zombie Boy, of all different shapes and sizes in the show. It a pleasant surprise to see the clothes on “real” people. Alex McCord attended, and was impressed by the unique designs. Roble Ali, the star of Bravo Chef Roble & Co., was also a fan of the clothes and the Conair hair dryers!


The final show of Day 1 was FrontRow by Shanteria Moragne-el. And to say that is went off with a bang is an understatement!

Rick Ross

Recording artist Rick Ross showed up with his entourage in tow, poured himself champers from the bottle he brought along for the ride while lighting up a blunt and puffing away! Oh yes, he did. As the smell of freshly burning Mary J filled the room, all eyes were on Rick waiting to see what he would do next. Real Housewives of NYC star Ramona Singer sat one chair over from the otherwise preoccupied singer, with a look of surprise on her face.


Meanwhile, models in fun colored leather pieces and sultry silhouettes made their way down the catwalk. You don’t want to miss the scoop from day 2, including Boy Meets Girl, Rosario Dawson and the closing party so check back tomorrow for all of the deets!

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