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I feel like I live in a world whee I am constantly on the hunt for dewy, glowing skin. I look for it in the foods that I eat, as well as the products that I apply on my face. And I have found something that I really love.


I found Biossance’s Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil when I attended the brand’s Clean Academy event, with Environmental Media Association, in the fall. While there, I learned about Biossance’s mission to save the lives of sharks who are harvested for Squalene, a key and very effective moisturizer. Millions of sharks are killed every year to capture this ingredient which lies in the livers of deep water sharks.

What is amazing about this product created by Biossance is that it uses sustainable Squalane from Brazilian sugarcane, which requires little to no irrigation, because of all of the rainfall in the area. And it saves the lives of sharks, while being 100% plant-based. Yay!

And the company has a My Green Lab Certification: All Biossance formulations are developed in a My Green Lab Platinum Certified facility, reducing the environmental impact with every product we create. We love that too.

So does it work? It did for me. And what I mean by that is that I have used it for six months, and I love the results.  I apply a few drops as my moisturizer both morning and night on clean, dry skin and I use my quartz roller to really absorb it into my skin. My skin is brighter and more dewy, and feels so hydrated than when I started using it. It is so lightweight and not greasy. One of my favorite skincare products that I can’t get enough of.

You can shop it here.

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