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This is very empowering! Dove today launches its successful Ad Makeover campaign here in the US – and in 18 other countries globally – taking on advertising that can negatively impact self-esteem.  The Dove® Ad Makeover passes the power of advertising to women, by empowering them to send positive messages to other women through a Facebook app, found at  This app has the potential to reach millions of females with positive messages and give women the unique chance to spread positive advertising across the U.S.

How it works:
The Dove Ad Makeover gives women the power to take on potentially negative ads with messages that help women feel beautiful. Dove is using auction-style bidding systems used to purchase ads to increase the number of positive messages women see.  Women can select from one of eight positive beauty messages to appear in available ad space on Facebook.  “Your birthday suit suits you” and “Everybody is beautiful”, are just some of the positive beauty messages women will receive.

How to participate:
Women can visit to access the Dove Ad Makeover app and send a positive ad.  They can also tweet @Dove using the hash tag #admakeover to show support for the campaign.

A counter on the app will track the total number of women who receive positive beauty messages. Dove will cover the cost to help spread all positive beauty messages created.  Additionally, the app allows for:
A notification that an ad story has been published to be posted to participant’s timeline
Participant to choose keywords that describe other women who should see the ad story; message is published throughout women’s Facebook experience
Participant can opt to send app to friend(s) timeline. It’s easy to get everyone involved!

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