Red Alert


This past weekend was one of the worst times of the year for animals in shelters. July 4th is a time of severe overcrowding in animals shelters due to pets getting lost and spooked by fireworks and large crowds. As a result, there is a swell of animals being dropped off and taken to shelters which are already full. This causes severe overcrowding, and as a result, healthy and adoptable animals are put to sleep.

Sally #4Days4Life

This is Sally who is currently available at the East Valley Animal Shelter

But a local LA shelter was determined to make a difference. And so they did. Enter the #4Days4Life foster program. The East Valley Shelter called on all of Los Angeles to help them save lives. They asked volunteers to temporarily foster dogs from Friday through Monday of this past weekend to create space for the large influx of dogs who would end up at the shelter, so that “red listed” dogs would not have to be put down. And I am happy to report that all of the “red listed” dogs were fostered!! Over 60 lives were saved! This short-term foster program is sure to inspire others and hopefully save the lives of many animals. Click here to go to the shelter’s website and click here to view these amazing, adoptable dogs. There are still so many that need homes.


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