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What’s better than one Au Fudge location? Two of course! And last night, Jessica Biel and her partners including stylist Estee Stanley, producer Kimberly Muller, Monica Saunders-Weinberg, Joey Gonzalez (CEO of Barry’s Bootcamp), and Jonathan Rollo (CEO of Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop) all gathered to launch the newest outpost of the AF group-Au Fudge CAMP.

Jessica Biel celebrates the launch of Au Fudge CAMP

Jessica Biel celebrates the launch of Au Fudge CAMP

Situated in the heart of West Hollywood on La Cienaga, CAMP provides a one-stop shop for kids to have fun. Amenities include climbing elements and swings, customized kids kitchen, rock-climbing wall, dramatic play wall (with a variety of costumes and toys to enhance play), kids gymnastics equipment, and dance room. Also, parents have the option to select from over 20 classes per week for children age 6 months to 10 years old.

An inside photo of Au Fudge CAMP

An inside photo of Au Fudge CAMP

Let me tell you, the kids were LOVING the space last night. Thanks to all of the fun choices and activities available to the littles. My daughter and her friend were literally the last to leave they were enjoying themselves so much!

Bonus-kids can be dropped off and picked up anytime between the hours of 9AM-5:30PM. Pretty great for those last minute errands and workouts!

The space opens to the public in mid-November, but you can book classes and buy memberships now. For more info on Au Fudge CAMP, click here. Happy CAMPing!



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