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A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving photo: tv crazy

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving photo: tv crazy

Happy Thanksgiving! It is hard to believe that it is already that time of year again and less than a month until Christmas. This is the 478th year that Thanksgiving will be celebrated with the first one taking place at Plymouth Colony in 1621 as a way of showing thanks for the harvest. And now has become a time when we gather with family and friends to express gratitude and eat turkey or tofurkey, depending on your preference. I have been collecting responses from various actors, singers, celebrities, and others in the Hollywood community to see what their Thanksgiving plans are and what they are most thankful for-and here is what they said:

Dancing with the Stars alum Joey Lawrence:

Thanksgiving Plans: With family, at home. Most Thankful for: Health, safety, being able to wake up everyday in the greatest country in the world.

Old Dogs star Seth Green:

Thanksgiving Plans: With family. Most Thankful for: Time with my nieces and all the good food. I am going to die happy with a full belly of fried food & ice cream!

90210’s Lori Loughlin:

Thanksgiving Plans: I am going to see my friend, John Stamos, in Bye Bye Birdie on Broadway and I’m going to take my girls. Most Thankful for: My beautiful family. My husband and 3 girls and everyone is healthy so I am thankful for that.

George Lopez:

Thanksgiving Plans: (facetiously) Spend as little time with my wife family as possible. (Ha Ha!) No really, it is the one day family comes first. Most Thankful for: My health.


Thanksgiving Plans: I am sure we will be eating a lot. I am married to a Cuban. Most Thankful For: Everything-my wife & kids, I have a great new record coming out.

Robin Williams:

Thanksgiving Plans: In NYC, we rented a restaurant with family because I will be doing stand up in the city. Most Thankful for: Being alive and all the friends and family I have-it is a treasure.

Nip/Tuck’s Kelly Carlson:

Thanksgiving Plans: With friends in LA because my family is far away. Most Thankful for: I just got back from Afghanistan after 10 days with the troops. It’s a humbling experience. I am thankful for my life.

An Officer and a Gentleman star Louis Gossette Jr.:

Thanksgiving Plans: With grandchildren. Most Thankful for: Being alive, healthy, and being able to work.

Vegetarian environmentalist Ed Begley Jr.:

Thanksgiving Plans: Tofurkey. Most Thankful for: My family.

Actress and Boomkat singer Taryn Manning:

Thanksgiving Plans: Friends and family. Most Thankful for: Running water.

Ally McBeal’s Greg German:

Thanksgiving Plans: With my son. Most Thankful for: My son.

Robot Chicken’s Breckin Meyer:

Thanksgiving Plans: Turkey, mashed potatoes. Most Thankful for: Happy, healthy family.

Sweeper Social Club/Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello:

Thanksgiving Plans: We take in strays and stragglers at my house so there will be lots of friends & new acquaintances, so we always open the doors. Most Thankful for: My new son-my first.

Vivica A. Fox:

Thanksgiving Plans: With family in Indianapolis. Most Thankful for: Both parents are here and I can give them a hug.

Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro:

Thanksgiving Plans: We do something really unusual at my place. We gather around and eat turkey! Most Thankful for: Today I am thankful to be in a situation (LAYN Rocks charity concert) where I am playing with my favorite musicians of all time and to do it in a way where we are giving back.

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