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Luxury and travel go hand in hand. Luxurious hotels want to provide their high-end customers with the most extravagant perks. And a-list travelers want to be dazzled by their accommodations. And these hotels want their customers to have the ultimate experience.

Starwood W Leicester Square

Starwood W Leicester Square

What if you could check into your hotel and find a full closet of clothes, matching your personal style, available for the entire duration of your stay? Some luxury hotels are partnering with fashion brands to sponsor these wardrobes. Smart! Starwood’s W Leicester Square has started Walk Out Wardrobe, a service in which guests get designer clothes delivered right to their rooms.

Aman Resort Bali

Aman Resort Bali

Many people look at vacation as a time of relaxation and detoxing from work. They can spend their day sitting by the pool, going to the spa, dining out and other relaxing activities while on vacation. Hotels are now starting to provide guests with agendas that are filled with special moments and adventures. Some are planning private jet vacations for example Frontiers International Travel is partnering with Aman Resorts and selling an 18-day private jet tour of Asia for $63,888.

And for car lovers, some luxury hotels provide guests with chauffeur services, but others are starting to let their guests test drive luxury cars for themselves. The Waldorf Astoria in New York has started offering its “Driving Experience” which gives guests access to exotic cars.

Waldorf Astoria in New York

Waldorf Astoria in New York

Another interesting perk is that hotels have started adding full on recording studios to their suites. W is planning on opening Sound Suites in LA, Barcelona and Seattle later this year, while Ibiza and St Bart’s already have similar facilities at their properties.

Which perk would you want your luxurious hotel to have? Comment below!

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