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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


pic12Red Carpet Roxy was in full force last night at “The Life of Lucky Cucumber” premiere held at The Mann Chinese 6 Theater in Hollywood. Preston Lacy of “Jackass” is one of the directors along with Sam Maccarone of “National Lampoon’s TV: the Movie.” The cast is mostly comprised of veterans of movies and shows like “American Pie,” ‘The Osbournes,” “South Park,” and of course, “Jackass.” So as you can imagine, the Red Carpet was full of action and comedy!
The “Jackass” Crew was all over the place and the clamourous cast of characters changed the whole energy in the room as they came rolling and drinking down the carpet. These guys all came out to support their fellow “Jackass” crony, Preston Lacy. Wee-man, with Heineken beer in hand, told me that he would watch Steve-O compete on “Dancing with the Stars” until he gets kicked off. I queryed Dave England if it was a 24-7 party with these dudes all of the time? He jestingly responded with, “It’s super sketchy. At any moment you could fall asleep and end up with a lucky cucumber in your mouth!” Not going to touch that one!


Then Johnny Knoxville rolled up in his Ray-Ban shades and flannel shirt, looking cool as a cucumber :-P I mentioned to Johnny that I had seen him the night before on “Dancing with the Stars,” and inquired about Steve-O’s dancing skills. Interested, I asked J if he would ever throw on his dancing shoes and tights for DWTS? He smirked and conveyed that he was not too good of a dancer. So naturally, I inquired, “What reality competition do you see yourself on?” Immediately, he asserted, “Wrestling and Drinking with the Stars.” In tandem, of course. I am sure he could beat down any of the competition!

pic13Stella Keitel, daughter of Lorraine Bracco and Harvey Keitel, looked beautiful as she made her way down the Red Carpet. I was so curious about how she fit in with all of the untamed boys on the set. She said they were actually really protective of her as her accomodations were broken into the first night they were on location. They then took care of her after that. Wouldn’t you want these guys on your side?

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