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Huge news for fashion lovers who don’t want to wear fur. Luxury online retailer, Net-a-Porter has just announced that the company will no longer sell fur on its website. This will also cover Mr. Porter, YOOX, and The Outnet. Hooray!

fur coat

Matteo James Moroni, Head of Sustainability at Yoox Net-a-Porter Group, revealed: “YNAP is on a very important journey towards managing environmental impact responsibly.” He continued, ”Our fur free commitment announced today was inspired by a thorough and rigorous educational process with the HSUS and LAV regarding the protection of animal rights. We aim to act as a catalyst for change in the industry, sharing knowledge, innovating and leading by example.”

Tis huge decision comes on the heels of big-name designers such as Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, and Ralph Lauren vowing to discontinue the use of fur. Stella McCartney, a lifelong vegetarian, has never used animal products in any of her designs.

Hopefully, this will signal other designers to follow suit, and maybe we will have a fur-free fashion industry one day. What do you think about Net-a-Porter important decision? We want to know. Comment below!

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