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The stars of Whiplash chose to celebrate the rest of their post-premiere evening at The Phoenix in Beverly Hills last night. And with a party sponsored by Maestro Dobel Tequila, Line 39 Wine, and Sabra Hummus, it’s hard to go wrong.

J.K. Simmons ,  Miles Teller

Stars mingled amongst the split rooms with classic ‘70’s rock ballads blaring all night, wood paneled walls and ceiling, decorations akin to a cabin dwelling (complete with multiple fireplaces), and each table utilizing a polished slab of wood for its tabletop. Guests were all able to flit about and shuffle from table to table, playing any number of board games along the way, from Jenga to Trivial Pursuits.

Chace Crawford

Miles Teller tended to flit about from group to group throughout the night, while JK Simmons much preferred the subdued back table amongst a group of friends. Teller canoodled with his girlfriend before joining forces with what appeared to be the central group of the night. Positioned around the bar were Chace Crawford and a group of three to four close friends who generated energy from the beginning of the night straight through to the end. Sporting a leather jacket and baseball cap, Crawford’s camouflaged ensemble couldn’t quite hide him from fans, though he very graciously posed for a variety of pictures throughout the party. Teller grabbed a vodka soda and joined the conversation, gossiping about the invitees at the premiere, being goaded by Crawford to “drink with the big boys,” and toasting to a friend’s birthday with birthday shots all around. All in all, a delightful end to the night that celebrated their successes without being overwhelming. Cheers to Whiplash!

Written by Ryley Johnson


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