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Last night, Lady Gaga brought her Monster Ball to the Staples Center and rocked the house. It also happened to be her 25th birthday, and in recognition of that, her dancers (and the crowd of 20,000 “little monsters”) serenaded Gaga with “Happy Birthday,” complete with a pink cake! And she got a bit choked up, with the outpouring of affection for her. This happened at the end of the show, after the final song-”Born This Way”-which has been #1 on the charts for the last 6 weeks.

image: kevin winter/getty

This was the first time I had been to the Monster Ball and I have so say, Lady G certainly knows how to connect with her audience. In fact, she called one lucky “little monster” in the audience on his cell phone and invited him for a drink to celebrate her bday after the show. Needless to say, he looked like his head was going to explode!

image: kevin winter/getty

She also made her followers feel at home by recounting the stories of how she was bullied in school and calling those who don’t accept her fans and who they are, “freaks.” Love her message of acceptance and self-worth. But the topper was her birthday gift-a pair of original ruby slippers from the filming of “Wizard of Oz”-given to her by her stylist (who had the singer in a number of jaw dropping outfits curated by none other than Giorgio Armani). She proceeded to play the piano keys with the heels of those very shoes. No doubt, Lady Gaga has found her home.

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image: kevin winter/getty

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