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Thursday, April 23, 2009


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Celebrity doctors, from Dr. Drew to Dr. Phil, hit the Red Carpet last night at the 2009 Prism Awards, held at the Beverly Hills Hotel. The Prism Awards were designed to honor the accurate portrayal of substance use and addiction as well as mental health disorders. The program is produced by the Entertainment Industries Council, Inc. in collaboration with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, and broadcast partner FX Network.

Prism Nominee Dr. Drew Pinsky seemed very pleased with the turnout for the event and echoed the message of the awards show in order to incite the powerful media to make more responsible choices when depicting the subject matter. He maintained that the reason he agreed to do “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew” was to show how ill the celebs really are and to show that rehab isn’t a visit to the spa. If you have ever seen the show, between withdrawals and wig-outs, it certainly is no vacation.

Presenter Jay Harrington
recounted stories from the set of “Better Off Ted,” and advised that he and his co-star Portia Di Rossi have lots of fun together. He did feel a little weird about making out with Ellen DeGeneres’ wife though. Is Ellen a better kisser? Coming up on the show, a Medieval fight club in the basement, complete with knights and princesses!

Taller than most, one of the stars of “Smallville,” Cassidy Freeman verbalized that her summer plans included filming an independent horror flick called “Yellow Brick Road,” with her brother in the Northeast. When questioned about sibling rivalry, she assured me that the only killing would be on set and not in their trailers as she and her bro definitely get along.

I really had a laugh with one of the stars of “Monk,” Hector Elizando when he disclosed, “I don’t know much about Hollywood, I just grow tomatoes. And bird watch.” Refreshing-a celebrity that doesn’t troll Robertson Boulevard in search of getting snapped by the paparazzi!

Andrea Bowen who we have watched grow up on “Desperate Housewives” conveyed that she has an album in the works. A sort of a folksy pop record that she is very passionate about. However, she remained tight lipped about any new tidbits on Wisteria Lane, unlike her sexy co-star, for fear that she might end up dead-on the show! She’s fair game now as she portrays a 24 year old.

So much more charming and handsome in real life, Prism Nominee Bryan Cranston hit the Red Carpet ready to talk about his show, “Breaking Bad” on AMC. After we chatted about the party for the Season 2 Premiere of “Breaking Bad” , he advised me that his character, Walter H. White, is engrossed from trying to protect his family which is in jeopardy, to not being discovered for his illicit narcotics activities by his DEA agent brother-in-law, and hating his druggie partner’s new gal pal. So what does Mr. Cranston do for fun after spending 13 hours on set in an emotionally intense role? Build an eco-friendly home in Ventura County of course! Go Green!

Dr. Miranda Bailey, aka Prism Nominee Chandra Wilson from “Grey’s Anatomy” looked fantastic in a sparkly, gunmetal knee length dress by YS Designs. Smiling from ear to ear after she learned her show was getting picked up for another season, she informed me that the cast was still working on the last episode and the script pages were still coming. She offered that I could call her next Wednesday at 5:30 if I want to know what happens. Hmmm, I might have to take her up on that! Up next for Chandra-the Great White Way. Look for her this June as Mama Morton in “Chicago.” Nervous, but definitely exuberant, she is already deep into preparations for her turn on Broadway.

Subsequently, I bumped into the last celebrity doc and Prism Nominee, Dr. Phil MacGraw. He was scurrying behind his wife, Robin, attempting to make it into the dinner before being noticeably late. He did greet me with hello and asked how I was doing. Time is short when you are on call and making your rounds at the Beverly Hills Hotel!

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