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As it happens every year, the stars always dress to impress on Halloween. Just a few of the responses that I have heard on the Red Carpet so far include Kelly Rowland as a Na’vi from Avatar, “I need to get shoes built and everything!” Lost alum Michelle Rodriguez as Slash, “I’ve got the crazy hair. Why not?” And Anna Faris as a White Russian, “I get to speak in a Russian accent all night which I am awful at!” Pretty creative. However, Halloween came a few days early in Hollywood with the worldwide premiere on Tuesday of The Walking Dead, AMC’s new signature show. The premise? Set in post-apocalyptic Atlanta, killer zombies are on the prowl for human flesh, and only a handful of healthy people remain and are trying to figure out how to survive in this barren, desolate world. Mind you the star of the show, Andrew Lincoln who plays Officer Rick Grimes, has been in a coma since the apocalypse happened, so he is completely thrown for a loop. Even if you aren’t into the horror genre, the show has many interesting stories woven throughout that deal with complicated human relationships and the writing and directing are both fantastic, thanks to Robert Kirkman and director Frank Darabont.

Stars Andrew Lincoln and Sarah Wayne Colliers image: jason merritt/getty

Hung star Thomas Jane arrived sans soon to be ex-wife, Patricia Arquette. Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner made his way down the Dead (instead of Red) Carpet at the premiere. Also in attendance was Emmy Award winner Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad, who always looks so much more healthy when he isn’t shooting the show (he plays a cancer-stricken meth dealer). A little black dress clad Kathryn Morris, who just wrapped Moneyball playing opposite Brad Pitt, showed up to lend her support. And from The Walking Dead-Laurie Holden decked in a black & white tie-dyed print mini dress, Lincoln posing for pictures with cast mate Jon Bernthal, and actress Sarah Wayne Callies in a navy blue goddess gown.

Director Frank Darabont and actress Laurie Holden image: jason merritt/getty

And the party to celebrate the arrival of AMC’s new show had all the makings of  gore and ghouls. We made our way to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery (so eerie, right?) for the spooky after party. Blood spattered zombies in torn clothes swarmed the cars before we entered into one of the mausoleums on the property, directly across from Johnny Ramone’s final resting place, for the festive fete. Talk about following the theme-the scene outside was set as a “human survival camp” with old beat up cars, tents, canvas camping chairs, and an outdoor grill serving saucy ribs meant to look like femur bones! Champagne and bloody red pomegranate cocktails flowed as the DJ spun tunes like “Bella Lugosi’s Dead,”"Devil Inside,” “Ghostbusters,” and of course, the Halloween staple, “Thriller.” I have to say that this was not only one of the most creative and on-theme premiere events that I have attended, but also, it was really fun. Now what to dress as come Sunday?

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The zombies on the "Dead" Carpet image: jason merritt/getty

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