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What a week! Not only is it the official kick-off to Hollywood awards season, but I also had the opportunity to attend the People’s Choice Awards. FUN! But before hitting the red carpet, I needed to get these locks tamed pronto! After all, the last thing I wanted was to show up with an un-coiffed mane. So the magical hair elves got to work on my hair before all of the action!

people's choice hair 2

Since my dress was giving me a 1960′s vibe, I decided to go slightly retro with my hair. I opted for some height at the top of my head-achieved with a lot of back-combing and Pantene Air Spray-an off-center part, and loose waves. And by the way, my hair seriously does not hold curl. For real. But an amazing trick the hairstylist did was that he curled my hair, pinned the curls and let them cool down not for 5 minutes, but more like 45 minutes, so the curls really set. Between that and my Pantene Air Spray, my hair stayed put, but still had a lot of movement and didn’t feel weighted down. Hallelujah! You can find the spray at Walgreens.

people's choice hair 1

And I saw another celebrity attendee who got the height memo, sporting a voluminous ponytail. And yet another with slicked back hair, followed by two starlets-one with a sleek blowout and the other with one of the most envious top knots I have ever seen! It will be interesting to see what other hair trends pop up on awards season red carpets. Do you have a favorite hairstyle trend? Comment below!

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