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One of the things I miss the most while on home quarantine is working out at a fitness studio. For me, I thrive on someone instructing me and giving me corrections, while being in a social setting (I am an extrovert!) I also like the idea of taking a variety of classes at one place. And as much as I actually enjoy working out, I thrive on motivation from an instructor to keep me interested in the exercise.

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But I am happy to report that I have found some workout programs and apps that not only keep me interested and motivated, but also challenge me to push myself and try new things, while giving me a variety of classes to choose from. Here are some of the ones that I have been doing while sheltering in place.

P.volve-This is a truly customizable workout. The user can select from a wide variety of workouts and indicate the degree of challenge (beginner, intermediate, advanced), target (arms, abs, legs, butt, etc), and length of time. P.volve also has designed signature equipment to compliment the regime. And you can try P.Volve free for one month to see if you like it. Code: OnePvolve

Winsor Choza Pilates-I always have Pilates in the rotation because I love it and I have a bad back. And at Winsor Choza, the owner, Saul, posts a 45 minute IG Live classical pilates mat routine on the WC’s Instagram page. And it’s free.

Orange theory Fitness-There is nothing like a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout to get you lean, mean and in shape. And Orangetheory is the one of the best HIIT studios out there. And they have a YouTube page that they upload daily workouts to at no cost to you. You can check out the channel here.

The SLR Life-Sarah Louis Rector is a fitness expert who specializes in dance cardio and body tone. Her workout routines are very challenging, but she is so inspirational and motivational the whole time you are doing them, that it’s like you have your own personal cheerleader! And for me, that helps push me through the hardest of exercises. Plus, you feel so good and full of energy after working out with her. Bonus-she also posts quick workouts that you can do at home while cooking, doing laundry, and watching TV.

AKT-Develpoed by Anna Kaiser, this workout is rooted in fun, with a variety of activities-dance, circuit training, and sweat. The trainers are very encouraging too. And what makes this program standout is the audio coaching for a variety of exercises, including cycling, running, pilates, yoga, meditation, and more. So if you want to take a walk around the block with your little one, you can listen to inspirational words and energizing music while you burn calories.

Let me know what you are doing to stay strong and healthy while you are at home.

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