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Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Cruise at the Jerry Bruckheimer AFI Cinematic Tribute photo: kevin winter/getty

The star wattage was turned up last night at the Prince of Persia premiere at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood where AFI honored mega producer Jerry Bruckheimer (Top Gun, Armageddon, Beverly Hills Cop, Enemy of the State, Bad Boys, Con Air, Crimson Tide, The Rock, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Prince of Persia, just to name a few) with a celebrity studded ceremony and video tribute of many pieces of his work.

Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thornton photo: angela weiss/getty

Eddie Murphy photo: david livingston/getty

After the short video played, Bruckheimer was grateful for his recognition, but said “it couldn’t have been possible without these guys.” Cue Bruce Willis, Eddie Murphy, Jon Voight, Tom Cruise, Nicholas Cage, Billy Bob Thornton, Tom Skerritt, Michael Clarke Duncan, and the stars of Prince of Persia-Sir Ben Kingsley, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Gemma Arterton, who filed into the front of the room and gave their former boss a standing ovation. Talk about star power! The tribute event was capped off by Jerry immortalizing his foot & hand prints, as well as his signature, in cement in front of the historic theater.

Michael Clarke Duncan, Billy Bob Thornton, Nicolas Cage, producer Jerry Bruckheimer, actors Tom Cruise, Gemma Arterton, Ben Kingsley, Disney chairman Rich Ross and actor Jake Gyllenhaal at the Jerry Bruckheimer AFI Tribute photo: kevin winter/getty

The movie was entertaining & you can expect to see lots of Bruckheimer style blow-ups & action, but it is hard to forget that you are watching Jake Gyllenhaal because of his distinct features-i.e. his brooding looks & his baby blues. It will be interesting to see who goes to this film once it is released based on Gyllenhaal’s appeal-will it be the teen-aged googly-eyed girl or can he draw a strong, male audience? Not quite sure why he had a British accent considering where the film takes place, but he did a pretty good job of it. Sir Ben Kingsley is fantastic as the deceptive and conniving uncle, and Arterton, who acts as Jake’s love interest and ultimately his closest adviser, seems comfortable playing the feisty princess who has a knack for causing drama.

Director Mike Newell and Gemma Arterton photo: kevin winter/getty

Once the movie wrapped, we made our way to the Hollywood and Highland Ballroom on the roof where Persian influenced cuisine was served, and Jerry B. and Jake chatted for quite awhile. Gemma arrived late to the after party, and had changed her outfit from her cream colored Elie Saab Grecian gown  into a long sleeved, sequined black wrap dress before chatting with director Mike Newell. And who else attended the premiere? Alanis Morrissette, Kelly McGillis, Jaime King, Pat Riley, Michelle Monaghan, and Seth Green.

Disney’s Prince of Persia: Sands of Time hits theaters on May 28, 2010.

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