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It seems that sheet masks are all the rage now. They are easy, convenient, and usually pretty inexpensive. But are they effective? Well, I have found some that are amazing! It’s the Mustaev Mood Therapy Mask Set, which contains a set of four masks-joy, anger, sadness, and pleasure. And the idea is that you use them based on your mood.

mustaev mood therapy mask set

The joy masks promises a brightening effect by using citrus ingredients such as lemon and grapefruit. The anger mask has more of a soothing effect and is comprised of orange and apple. The sadness mask utilizes jasmine, lily, and orange blossom to infuse radiance into the skin. And the pleasure mask is all about energizing the skin with apple, lemon, and muguet.

So what sets the Mustaev mask apart from all of the other sheet masks on the market? The fact that the masks are made of 33ml of jelly essence, which is an essential key ingredient. And thanks to the woven design of the mask itself, it is able to adhere to the skin better thereby promoting maximum absorption.

And I noticed a difference in my skin with just one use. I used it before going to the Sundance Film Festival, where temperatures can easily drop to below zero and the air is thin and extremely dry. After using each mask, my skin felt and looked more hydrated, supple, and healthy. And I applied the leftover serum in the package onto my neck, décolletage, arms, and hands for added benefit. And these masks are very easy on the wallet at $4.00 each ($16.00 for the set), much less expensive that a facial. You can shop the mask set here. Enjoy!

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