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The cast of AMC's "Mad Men" photo: antiroom

The cast of AMC's "Mad Men" photo: antiroom

Yesterday, I caught up with Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner at the GBK Gift Lounge honoring The 2010 Golden Globes nominees, presenters, and past winners at the Mondrian in West Hollywood. AMC’s Mad Men is nominated for 3 Golden Globes this year (Best Television Series-Drama, Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series for Jon Hamm, and Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series for January Jones), and has already won 3 Golden Globes in the past as well as several other awards and distinctions. Going into the Golden Globes madness, here is what was on the mind of the creator of one of the most decorated cable television series in history.

RCR-How are you feeling? Are you nervous? Excited?

MW-I am very nervous about it. I am always nervous. The best case scenario is you have to get up there and give a speech and it’s terrifying. And TV is terrifying! But I am very excited about it. I am thrilled to be nominated and if it is somebody else’s turn to win this award, I will be OK with it. Everyone on the show feels like we did the best work we have done this year so far, so we are thrilled.

RCR-Have you prepared an acceptance speech?

MW-No. But I am sure when I am sitting at that table getting more and more nervous, I will.

RCR-If you could remake any classic TV or movie, what would that be?

MW-I don’t like to remake stuff. I think it is bad karma to take something that is amazing and remake it. For me creatively, if it is something that I love, I want to live in that world, but I don’t want to re do it. I believe in homage-I don’t want to remake it.

RCR-Who do you think has the best Red Carpet style during awards season?

MW-I think the women in our cast-Elizabeth, January, and Christina-they are very impressive. I am always blown away when I see their transformation.

RCR-And what will you be wearing on the Red carpet tomorrow night?

MW-I have a John Varvatos tuxedo that I wore last year and won in and I am going to wear it again. I am superstitious!

RCR-What is your favorite and least favorite part of awards season?

MW-Getting to meet anyone you have ever wanted to meet. You are going to be so close to them that you can say “hi” if you want to. My least favorite is nothing. There is nothing bad about it. If you are lucky enough to be a part of this, enjoy it!

Well said Matthew. Good luck Mad Men!

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