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I just had the pleasure of chatting with celebrity aesthetician, Kate Somerville, at her warm and inviting skin clinic tucked away in the heart of West Hollywood on Melrose Place. Most of you are probably familiar with Kate, her products and her work. But if you aren’t, look no further than some of Hollywood’s most gorgeous faces, including Jessica Alba, Lily James, and Vanessa Hudgens.

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And Kate has has just launched her latest line of products, the Goat Milk collection, which consists of a moisturizing cream, an eye balm and a cleanser, all designed to be soothing to the skin. In fact, Kate has been a huge fan of goat milk as a skin remedy when a relative poured some into her bath, thereby alleviating her excema. She has been a fan ever since.

kate somerville goat milk cleanser

With all of her expert knowledge about all things skin, I had to know what her daily beauty regime consisted of. By the way, she isn’t a religious user of sunscreen everyday, but she does wear a mineral makeup with an SPF of 26. So she isn’t without sun protection. Here are all of the Kate Somerville products she uses regularly:

Either the Gentle Daily Wash or the Goat Milk Wash twice a day, morning and night

Age Arrest Serum everyday

DermalQuench Liquid Lift + Retinol every night

RetAsphere Micro Peel at night then Mega-C Serum the morning after, twice a week

Deep Tissue Repair Cream both morning and night

Age Erase Mask worn overnight almost every night

So there you have it. Kate’s beauty routine. And you can shop the Goat Milk collection here.

What is your beauty regiment? Comment below!


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