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Pantene just announced their newest hair campaign spokesperson. And she has been on this Earth for about as long as Trump has been President.

Does anyone remember when the internet was set ablaze last year after a little baby named Chanco appeared with the fullest head of hair ever seen on a newborn? Here is a refresher.

Cut to now, just after her first birthday, which was on December 23rd. She was just announced as the newest spokesperson for Pantene. It seems like the people over at Pantene took note of all of the hype surrounding this little cutie pie, and crowned her their hair princess, alongside Japanese TV Host Sato Kondo who rocks some gorgeous gray locks herself.

Chanco Pantene Ad

Baby Chanco

“We feel [Chanco’s] beautiful hair has strong power that makes people positively move forward,” Yoshiaki Okura, P&G Japan Hair Care Associate Brand Director, said. “And we also support her mother’s positiveness to post wonderful moments with Chanco.”

She is also the star of The Hairy Tale, a digital film promoting the campaign.

In my opinion, I think it’s great that she is the new spokesperson, as long as she is safe, happy, healthy, protected, and her parents feel it is the right choice for her, which is what it seems like is the case. What do you think about this baby influencer getting her first major campaign?

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