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How are you, really? Seems like a simple question. But really, it can be the conductor into a more complicated issue that is mental health. Too many times, when someone has asked how I am, I will often answer with the phrase “I’m good” or “Doing OK” or “Fine” even if it wasn’t the case. But after hearing the moving speeches and stories at the philosophy Hope & Grace luncheon at Fig & Olive honoring Mental Heath Awareness Month, I will definitely try to answer that simple question as honestly as I can. And philosophy is committed to shining a light on this cause, having donated almost $3 million to forty mental health organizations.

Zelda Williams

Host Zelda Williams gave a short, but powerful speech highlighting the importance of mental health and checking in with others. “As someone who always prided herself on being the strong one who took care of others, there were a lot of people in my life who didn’t know how to check if I was ok when my world turned upside down.” She continued, “We all have to take it day by day, but asking at all, instead of assuming, is a great first step.”

Rumer Willis

Also in attendance was Williams’ good friend, Rumer Willis, who spilled the beans that she will be on the new season of Empire. Katrina Bowden, who was fresh off of her move back to Los Angeles from NYC, is also very close to Zelda and sat at her table with Rumer. Katrina was one of the last to leave, throughly enjoying spending time with her friends.

To learn more about philosophy’s Hope & Grace Initiative, click here.

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