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Actress Caroline D'Amore

Actress Caroline D'Amore

Chic chicks turned up last night to toast the west coast launch of Zara Terez handbags under the stars at Skybar. While all the ladies were loving the designs, I had to ask what items they always carry in their purse. Unanimously, the answer included lipgloss to maintain sexy smackers, but some of the girls had different staples. CSI:Miami star Eva La Rue told me that she wouldn’t leave the house without her MAC blotting papers and undereye concealer. She also mentioned that she would be taking in the Zara Terez 14th Precinct Holster design to her wardrobe department on the show in the hopes that they might replace the cell phone holders they carry right now. Sounds like a good fit! “”Sorority Row” actress, DJ, and Paris Hilton BFF Caroline D’Amore relayed to me that her handbag necessities included cell phone, gum, and perfume so she can “smell good” after those long nights on the turn tables. Georgia peach Rachel McCord, sibling of 90210 star Anna-Lynne, who is writing a book with her sis titled “The Southern Girls Guide to Beauty,” revealed that her purse contained her Blackberry, Chanel Foundation, and a credit card because she “likes to pick up the check.” Nice sister! Miami Social(ite) Maria Lankina prefers perfume, powder, and her phone and divulged that there would be a very nasty breakup on her show very soon. Let the claws come out!

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