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Last night, ELLE celebrated nine lovely ladies for the annual ELLE Women in Hollywood event at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. The soiree was sponsored by L’Oreal and Calvin Klein Collection, and several of the ladies were dressed to kill. This year’s honorees included Sarah Jessica Parker, Octavia Spencer, Emma Watson, Kristen Wiig, Elle Fanning, Cate Blanchett, Uma Thurman, Susan Sarandon, and Shirley Maclaine. What do you think about their stylish looks? Do you have a favorite?

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Sarah Jessica Parker in Calvin Klein Collection and David Yurman jewels. First, I am obsessed with her green cocktail ring. It provides the perfect pop of color. Usually, SJP dresses a little more avant-garde, but I like this strapless look on her. The silver color is really pretty and soft, and the pointy-toe, un-platform heels are currently, my fave shoe style.

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Cate Blanchett in Proenza Schouler. Cate loves the unconventional. Remember the 2011 Oscars? One thing is for sure, she isn’t afraid to make bold choices with her wardrobe, and for that, I heart her. Safe can be so boring on a red carpet!

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Which brings me to Emma Watson in Calvin Klein Collection. A very safe choice. She looks like she is ready to go to a wedding. And bored at that. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a gorgeous dress, but I would have loved to have seen her in something a little more edgy and youthful. She is is only twenty-two after all, and probably without an ounce of cellulite on her body!

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Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji. I tip my glass to Octavia because she not only knows what type of clothes look amaze on her curvy frame, she she also usually serves them up with a gorgeous pop of color as well. And this rich green cocktail dress looks fantastic on her. If you will remember, Tadashi Shoji was her go-to designer all through awards season this past year. Clearly, their relationship is working!

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Kristen Wiig in Calvin Klein Collection. Bottom line-this color rocks and really complements Kristen’s auburn hair and fair complexion. Would I have loved to have seen her platforms in a brighter yellow color? Yes! But the dress is really chic and she looks comfortable in it, which can make or break the outfit, no matter how expensive it is.

photo: Getty Images

Uma Thurman in Calvin Klein Collection. I think the suit totally works for her and she looks great in it with her sleek, stick-straight hair. But, I am not really feeling the strappy sandals. Pointy-toe stilettos would have rocked with this ensemble. She is still a stunner though.

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Elle Fanning in Calvin Klein Collection and Dolce & Gabbana purse and pumps. I love this look on Elle. From the corseted top of the dress to her floral tapestry heels, Elle looks sophisticated and fashion-forward in this noir ensemble. Bonus points for her embroidered accessories! And the deeply side-parted hair with black flower behind the ear? Love!

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Susan Sarandon in Calvin Klein Collection. Susan is one gorgeous woman, she has the looks and the attitude of someone far younger than her sixty-six years. Plus, she has killer curves! So, why is she hiding them? She could totally rock something more body-con and look better than many starlets who are are decades younger than her. Next time, Susan!

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Pretty in pink Emma Stone. Such a classic silhouette enhanced with a modern, bright color. And the hounds tooth pointy-toe pumps? Tres chic!

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This is what one wears to an ELLE event. Viola Davis’ white sheath dress looks so fresh and modern, with the strategically placed bosom blossom which is quite playful. Making this the perfect ensemble for the punchy blue ankle-strap platforms. Pushing the envelope, but looking refined. She has it down.

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I know the inter web has been abuzz with Lea Michele’s Zimmerman ensemble. And many peeps were not fans of this sultry look. But I think she pulled it off. She’s got the bod for it, her lips are nude and her eyes are smoky, and she isn’t posing overtly sexy in the shots. In fact, she is almost standing in a coy way, which is more unassuming. And the Brian Atwood strappy sandals match the striped pattern of her dress. This outfit was a big risk that paid off!

photo: Getty Images

And Shirley Maclaine (with SJP). The legend. She can wear whatever the hell she wants in my book! Love her!

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  1. GEM says:

    These ladies look better than those on the Academy Awards red carpet, in my opinion.

  2. Wendi says:

    love love love this. Viola Davis looks stunning. Hands down winner.

  3. Irene says:

    Cate Blanchett is simply divine

  4. Golden Goddess says:

    Roxy, you are a style star and really need to be on a television show!!

  5. Tarzana156 says:

    I agree with all of your commentary!

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