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Diane Lane is such a relatable beauty, and actress with a vast talent. And in her latest film, Sony Pictures Classics Paris Can Wait, she doesn’t disappoint. Lane plays the role of Anne, a married mother of one who is in a less than satisfying marriage to the otherwise occupied Michael (Alec Baldwin) and needs a little excitement in her life, which she finds in an unexpected way.

Diane Lane

And I caught up with the stunner at the movie’s premiere, guests nibbled cheese from Wheel House and sipped Coppola vineyards wine, while I chatted with Diane. She lets me in on why she took this role and if she is truly lives spontaneously in her own life, as her character had to learn to do, or if she prefers to deliberately and more planned. Check out our chat below. How do you like to live? We want to know. Comment below!

Sony Pictures Classics Paris Can Wait in in theaters now.

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