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Remember a few months ago when Trump vowed to uphold the elephant and lion trophy ban? Well, he has gone back on his word and will now allow hunters to bring back elephant and lion trophies into the US. On Thursday, he US Fish and Wildlife Service quietly released a formal memo stating that it would allow these trophies to be brought back into America on a “case-by-case” basis, effective immediately.

African Elephants

Oh how times have changed if you remember a few months ago that Trump stated that trophy hunting was a “horror show.” In fact, back in November when the debate was first made public, The Safari Club International (a pro-trophy hunting group), and the National Rifle Association (NRA) sued to block the Obama-era 2014 ban on elephant trophies from Zimbabwe. Also, the Safari Club has close ties to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, who himself is an avid trophy hunter.

African Lions

“The memo also withdrew findings related to the Endangered Species Act for trophies taken from bontebok, a species of antelope, elephants and lions hunted in several other countries,” according to the Huffington Post. So convenient.

Also, because the memo determines permits on a case-by-case basis, the confusion of what that really means and how to clarify that could take months or more. Thereby, paving the way for an unknown number of permits to be approved while waiting for clarification. And these new allowances also make it easier for hunters to obtain trophy permits. It should make the NRA very happy because guns sales will go up and it is yet another positive gain for gun culture.

Unfortunately, this issue has taken a negative spin. What do you think about this ban reversal?




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  1. M.Alison Osmus says:

    This is Not making our planet Great Again!!, I am so disappointed in you Donald, finding out about this you’re stronger than caving in to the NRA, why do all politicians turn out to be LIARS? Someday down the road in the future, when our grandchildren are grown, we will tell them why there are no more elephants,rinos, big cats, etc., because the lobiists have more money to buy the politicians than the animal lovers.

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