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The controlled splurge is an elusive topic. It is the Holy Grail of all diet fads. Hypothetically, it is the alternate universe in which you get to have your cake and eat it, too. Diets, by nature, moderate your indulgences. Sure, your body reaps the benefits, but it shouldn’t constrict your whole life as a consequence. While I know some dieters tend to take an extremist approach, by either completely abstaining or completely indulging, there just might be a light at the end of this tunnel that we call “health.”

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First and foremost, as you begin to eat healthier, your body pines for healthier foods. At some point, a greasy meal will directly translate to a greasy feeling afterwards. Health promotes health, and at some point, a restrictive diet just becomes your preferred diet. Newsflash: kale is delicious. Come to the leafy side.


Sure, I love acai bowls and avocado just as much as the next Angeleno, but I would never refute the established, personal, loving relationship that we all have with chocolate or (insert indulgence of choice here). Just pick and choose your moments. Absence makes the heart grow fonder with food, too. You’re talking to the girl with an ingrained taste aversion to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches after ten long years of them for school lunches. Make your favorite food an occasion or a reward. Chocolate deserves to be held in high esteem, anyway.

On that note, with the holiday season hot upon us, weigh your splurges: holiday recipes that come around once a year are worth the experience. And even if you fall into the pit of indulgence that is the holidays, a couple pounds is well out-weighed by the unrestrained enjoyment of the holiday cheer. You should know if you come back from a point of no return, but there’s a reason Santa asks for cookies: ‘tis the season.

Last but certainly not lost, travel and food are two halves of a whole. Not even merely international travel, but regional, too. Any new place has its own food tradition, and it’s not worth missing out on an evanescent window to experience it firsthand. It it’s unique, if it’s special, if it’s fleeting—make your choices, but favor these!

Eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures, so do your best to make it stay that way! The controlled splurge is well within grasp.


Written by Ryley Johnson


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