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With summertime in full swing, it’s time to make sure you fit in a vacation before the summer ends. So why not vacay like the celebs do? Here are some of the top places where celebrities like to spend their summers. And by the way, writing this made me want to book a trip to one of amazing destinations. How about you?


Maui photo:

Maui, Hawaii:

A slice of heaven for which you don’t need a passport! While some of the other islands may be more private, Maui is defiantly the most beautiful. Time can be well-spent surfing, snorkeling, or paddle boarding. And the food is so good and fresh! Many celebs choose to stay at the Four Seasons, The Ritz, or those with little ones choose the Grand Wailea because it is so kid-friendly. This is one of Britney Spears favorite vacation spots along with Oprah, Paris Hilton, and Olivia Wilde.


Los Cabos photo:

Los Cabos, Mexico:

You may be familiar with the place, and maybe have even spent a spring break there. But for the stars, it’s an easy getaway. The One & Only Palmilla is a favorite among them. Jennifer Aniston makes the trip to the Palmilla quite often. There, it’s not about the craziness of vacationing college kids, but rather it’s more about resting and relaxing. Bonus-they make a killer margarita!

Lake Como

Lake Como photo:

Lake Como, Italy:

Everyone is familiar with this place since, it’s basically George Clooney’s second home. If you’re not staying at Clooney’s place, then I suggest you stay at Villa d’Este. While in Como, you will probably be taken with the gorgeous views. I suggest going out on the water or taking a bike ride around the hills. And Hollywood’s A-List has vacationed there, including Paul McCartney, Ralph Lauren, Brad Pitt, and the list goes on….

Bora Bora photo:

Bora Bora photo:

Bora Bora:

Who wouldn’t want to go here? The postcard pictures of the beautiful island can’t even compare to the views that you will actually see. The bright aqua water and the green mountains will never want to make you leave. Celebrities love it because of the five-star privacy policy. Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom are seen at the Four Seasons often, and together they enjoy water sports and the serene spa. Couples Retreat was filmed at the St. Regis, where Vince Vaughn, Kristin Davis, Kristin Bell all stayed during the filming. And I went there for my honeymoon and I can honestly say, this is one of my favorite places on earth!

St. Barth's photo:

St. Barth’s photo:

St. Barts, French West Indies:

Not only is this place loved by all the celebs, but it is a quite popular among the Royals. This beautiful island is a prime getaway at any time. Your time will be well spent laying on the beaches, shopping throughout the town or jumping on a yacht for a spin. There are so many great resorts to stay at and the food is delish. But one thing you can’t miss out on is Le Ti. A restaurant that turns into a dance show-slash-club mid-dinner. And one of the workers looks exactly like Johnny Depp! You might recognize him from an episode in last season’s The Real Housewives of New York. A-List Celebs that have been spotted around the island include Beyonce and Jay-Z, Derek Jeter, Minka Kelly, and even Lindsay Lohan.


St. Tropez photo:

St. Tropez

It’s a wonderful place to summer, and I know, since I was working and vacationing there not too long ago. It is all about glamor from the boats to the bars. And you will probably get an eyeful of celebrities if you spend time around all of the fabulous yachts. A-listers like Tom Cruise and Sean Combs favor this spectacular spot.




For a quick getaway, Miami is the place to go. Many stars even call this place home. Madonna co-owns The Delano, you might even see her there, while the Kardashians usually frequent the Fountainbleau. But for most, Miami isn’t about the rest and relaxation. It’s all about the nightlife. Make sure you stop by LIV nightclub or The Wall Lounge at the W. If you are lucky enough to get a reservation at Prime 112, take it! You could be dining next to Bill Clinton, Lebron James or Jennifer Lopez.

photo: Nikki Beach Ibiza

photo: Nikki Beach Ibiza


And speaking of partying, this little island off the coast of Spain is truly a city that never sleeps. The beaches are to die for, if you make it through all of the cocktailing! But you must rest up, because nightlife is what this place is all about. Nikki Beach is a hot spot with the white sun beds, drapery, and mouth watering sushi. Sienna Miller, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Moss have been seen dancing the night away in this city.

Aspen photo:

Aspen photo:


Although most like to go to this Colorado mountain town during the winter months, some celebs treat Aspen as a great summer getaway. Goldie Hawn has owned a house here for years, which explains why Kate Hudson is spotted out and about shopping. Making a stop at Boogies is a must—a place where you will be able to shop the latest trends and enjoy a nice burger and milkshake. And for the music junkie, the Belly Up is a necessity. A great music venue with awesome talent.



Necker Island

The island is owned by none other than Sir Richard Branson, and it keeps up with all of his standards. While you may not have the opportunity to visit this secluded destination  since it only has one villa to rent out, it’s still dream-worthy. The vacation spot boasts just about every activity, from swimming, to playing tennis, to horseback riding, and even a swanky spa. You are getting your money’s worth when it comes to privacy and indulgence. Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson and Kate Winslet have all had the luxury of staying here. So which one do you want to go to the most?

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  1. Ann Kozlow says:

    Love all your suggestions! I got married in Maui and have been to all except for the private island. I also love Greece- not sure if many celebs go there, but beautiful. And Capri! Love the smell of lemons everywhere!

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