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That moment when you forget you are in a crowded movie theater and let out the most ear-piercing shrill. And you are by far the loudest one. Last night, I screamed my head off. In the theater. With a bunch of people around me. At The Walking Dead season 3 premiere at Universal Studios. This is one of my favorite dramas on TV, and the first episode is so good. And that is all I am going to say. Watch and see!

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After the premiere, I headed to the after party at the Globe Theater that had been transformed into a post-apocolyptic zombieland with walkers everywhere! There, I sipped on Bloody Orange Margaritas (yum!) before chatting with one of the shows resident zombie ass-kickers, Laurie Holden. She was as nice as can be and let me know how fun it was to go to set with this group of people-even though it is lots of hard work and very physical. After all, they shoot in and around Atlanta in the middle of the summer! The sweat you see on screen is real. Andrew Lincoln and Sarah Wayne Callies arrived to the scary soiree hand in hand (hmmm). And then I ran into Steven Yeun, also one of the show’s break out stars, who is getting a lot more screen time this season-something he is really excited about.

The Walking Dead star Laurie Holden and Red Carpet Roxy

Post chit-chat, it was time for The Walking Dead Maze, basically five minutes of people dressed as zombies jumping out of walls scaring the shit out of you. Clearly, I was game and yes, I have a thing for the horror genre. Here is a video of one of the zombies doing his thing and me losing it.

Also in attendance were Dead fan Aisha Tyler looking gorge in a leather skirt and sequined top and Mad Men starlet and “Zou Bisou Bisou” songbird Jessica Pare with her adoring date not far from her side all night long.

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  1. Dana J. says:

    Yes it’s baaaack!!!

  2. eloise says:

    cant wait for the season premiere on sun!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    they are totally a couple, c’mon!

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