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Stylist to the stars Britt Bardot wearing Alexander Wang

Stylist to the stars Britt Bardot wearing Alexander Wang at the What Goes Around Comes Around LA vintage swap meet

I recently got a chance to catch up with stylist to the stars, Britt Bardot, at the What Goes Around Comes Around launch of their LA vintage swap meet. No doubt you would recognize Britt’s work as it is has graced the bodies of  several starlets from Jennifer Lopez to Kate Hudson. What you might not know is that she got her big break rather quickly (lucky girl!) as Jennifer Lopez swooped her up as an assistant and made her her head stylist. Since then she has worked with Kate Hudson, Entourage star Emmanuelle Chiriqui, and The Proposal’s Malin Akerman, just to name a few. And don’t think this girl is of the hyper, in your face kind of stylist, like some other types you might know from magazines or TV. Britt lets the clothes and her clients do the talking.

RCR: Why was it important for you to be a host of the What Goes Around Comes Around swap meet?

BB:First and foremost, I am a vintage whore! And I have been a big fan of What Goes Around Comes Around for years. I used to live in New York for a long time and I love that there is a lot of New York coming to the West Coast and that they opened this store and the concept is amazing. Nobody has really done this concept before which I totally love. I had a ton of stuff in my closet and I was like how great just to come here and bring stuff and see what else people bring.

RCR: Tell me about your first big break into the world of celebrity styling.

BB: It’s kind of crazy because my career kind of happened backwards. Most stylists assist then work on a book and then they have a book (examples of their work to show potential clients.) I assisted in New York and did a lot of work with another well known stylist who worked with Jennifer Lopez and Gwen Stefani, and I was doing a lot of assisting with Jennifer Lopez and Jen was at a point in her life where she needed a full time stylist. And Jennifer just approached me and said “Would you be my full time stylist?” And I said “Yes!”

RCR: What is your approach to styling your celebrity clients?

BB: My clients have their own sense of style and it’s not me coming to the table and dictating what they do or how they wear something. It’s me bringing a bunch of great clothes and them deciding what feels right for the event and what they like. It’s an effortless type of process. It’s a really cool, laid back vibe.

RCR: Tell me about your other celebrity clients.

BB: Kate Hudson is amazing! Her and I, in so many ways-personality wise, sense of humor, our bodies even-so it’s basically like working with a sister. It doesn’t seem like work.

RCR: Going into fall, what are some key pieces that women should have in their closets?

BB: Something studded for sure. Very, very, very high heels-as high as you can get them. And cozy pieces that you can feel sexy in and that you can wear from day to night.

RCR: Who is your favorite designer right now?

BB: That is the hardest question in the world! Someone I always go back to time and time again who inspires me every single season is Alexander McQueen. On the men’s side and women’s side. I have been getting into designing a little bit too. I just did a 3 piece line for Mark, who is owned by Avon. It is really cool-it is 3 basic, essential pieces that you can mix and match all different ways. And all the pieces are $30 and under. It is a little T-shirt, a little slip dress, and a little cardigan with super yummy fabrics. You can layer them all or wear them all separate.

RCR: How can the everyday girl achieve a sense of style?

BB: It’s about reading fashion magazines, being inspired by fashion magazines. Not being afraid to try something new. And shopping at stores like Forever 21 and H&M where you can get the look for less. But I also love that there are people who can rock the Balenciaga and the Yohji Yamamoto.

RCR: So how would you describe your own personal style?

BB: Uh, moody! It’s static and moody which means I get inspired by something and put together an outfit and wear it, wear it, wear it, and then move on. And then I am done and I will find something else. But there is definitely a lot of black, a lot of metallics. For me to wear a dress is weird. A lot of black, a lot of studs, a lot of metal. Moody, a little bit hard, a little bit tomboyish.

RCR: With New York Fashion Week (September 10-17) soon approaching, what is your favorite show to see?

BB: Alexander Wang. I am such a huge fan. I love him. He is amazing and what he has accomplished.

RCR: Which celebrity would you like to style next?

BB: Cate Blanchett. I think it would be amazing to work with her because she is phenomenal. So talented, so classy, and looks beautiful in everything. That’s my dream client, but she doesn’t need me.

RCR: And what would you put her in?

BB: I am such a last minute person. I get inspired at the last minute. I don’t plan it ahead. I need to be on set at that moment, in the environment, or with my client. No pre-styling here!

It is good to know that there are still things that are made to order. Even in the realm of fashion! Here are some examples of Britt’s work:

Malin Akerman at "The Heartbreak Kid" premiere, Kate Hudson at the Dior couture show, and Emmanuelle Chiriqui at the "Don't Mess With Zohan" premiere

Malin Akerman at "The Heartbreak Kid" premiere, Kate Hudson at the Dior couture show, and Emmanuelle Chiriqui at the "Don't Mess With Zohan" premiere Photo credit: wire image

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