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As the temperatures begin to soar this summer, it’s important to keep your pets’ health and safety in mind. Dogs can suffer a heat stroke on a walk in relatively mild weather, in as low as 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Dogs are not made to handle high heat and humidity, and do much better indoors in air-conditioning during the warmer months. And all dogs (old, young, active, bull breeds, etc) are susceptible to a heat stroke.

So it is crucial to keep an eye on dogs for any signs of heat stroke which can include:

Excessive panting

Staggering while walking


High body temperature

A tongue that is dark or bright red

Sticky or dry gums

Bloody diarrhea or stools


If you see any of these signs, get your dog into a cool shaded area, offer him/her water, and contact the nearest vet or emergency animal clinic immediately.

And never leave your dog, cat, rabbit, hamster, bird, or any kind of pet in a hot car. It doesn’t matter if the windows are cracked or rolled down as temperatures inside a hot car can soar into the triple digits in a matter of minutes. Irreversible brain damage and death can occur in no time. Leave your animals at home inside the air conditioning.

You can watch an instructional video on how to give your dog CPR in case of drowning here.  As always, please be vigilant when taking care of your pet this summer, and treat them like a family member, and keep them indoors in the cool air. If it’s too hot for you, it is definitely too hot for them.

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