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Let’s face it, hangovers suck. And even more so when you have children to take care of. The littles don’t care if you had 2, 4 or 6 tequilas last night. Point is, you are on, no matter what.

tequila shots

So I was thrilled to hear about this hangover prevention remedy. And it is all natural….the Asian pear. Apparently, consuming one of these magical fruits or drinking 7.4 oz of its juice BEFORE you start drinking does the trick.

Asian Pears

And our friends over at Cricket’s Circle report, “Asian pears contain enzymes that help metabolize alcohol, which means it also reduces your blood alcohol level. Add on the pear’s ability to reduce levels of blood acetaldehyde (that’s the toxin that makes you feel hungover).”

I think I have just found my new favorite fruit. Will you try this preventative measure? Comment below!

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