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Football star Peyton Manning has added another baby to his brood. And this time it is a rescue fur child!

peyton manning

He adopted a little two-pound pup who was found living in a garbage bag with a rope tied around his neck at the Neshoba County Fair in Mississippi. The poor thing was covered in fleas, full of intestinal parasites, and wasn’t receiving the proper nutrition.

Animal Rescue Fund of Mississippi (ARF) discovered the dog who was in poor shape, and took him to the vet for care and then to a foster home. It was there that he met the Manning family and it was true puppy love!

It’s so exciting so see people with influence and power adopt rescue animals. It really makes a difference and creates awareness for this important cause, wouldn’t you agree?

Happy tails! And please remember, adopt, don’t shop! Go to Petfinder to find your next fur baby!

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