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With some of the biggest names in fashion sending their designs down the runway, it’s easy for fashion designers to attract most of the spotlight during fashion week. But what’s a model without hair and makeup? On Friday, we had the chance to chat with renowned celebrity hair stylist Ted Gibson about his chosen hairstyles for the Pamella Roland Spring/Summer 2016 collection.

pamella roland

Inspired by the work of artist Frank Stella, this season’s Pamella Roland collection makes use of unorthodox materials including Plexiglas, PVC Nebula lace, reflective taffeta and LED fibers reflecting the futuristic wave prevalent during the time of Stella’s work. “The reason why [the show is] here at the Whitney is because of the art and the artist that she has really loved is Frank Stella, so it’s futuristic paintings and culture…so I immediately thought about the 60’s,” Gibson said. “This particular season is really about long, beautiful, sexy hair, and when I think about that I think about the 60’s and how incredible the 60’s were.”

Ted Gibson 2

Want the look? Recreate the hairstyles and the makeup from this season’s Pamella Roland show with the instructions below.

Look 1

  1. Create center part
  2. Blowout smooth with Kerastase’s Mousse Bouffante
  3. Apply L’Oreal Professionnel’s Wet Domination Extreme Splash to roots only (about 1-2 inches)
  4. Take section in the back of the head behind the ears and attach barrette
  5. Hair in front of ears sits in front of shoulders, smooth down back of hair

Look 2

  1. Create center part
  2. Blowout smooth with Kerastase’s Mousse Bouffante
  3. Apply L’Oreal Professionnel’s Wet Domination Extreme Splash to roots only (about 1-2 inches)
  4. Attach collar around neck over smoothed down hair attaching in the back
  5. Uses rat tail comb to pull up and loosen hair at the sides around the face


pamella roland 


  • Rick first prepared the skin with Artistry Hydra-V Fresh Toner ($24) and Artistry Hydra-V Vital Skin Serum Concentrate ($67) for ultimate hydration (Both launching November 2015)
  • Then he dabbed Artistry Hydra-V Refreshing Eye Gel Cream ($45) (Launching November 2015) around both eyes to refresh and moisturize
  • Next, to create the perfect canvas for color, Rich applied Artistry Exact Fit Beauty Balm Perfecting Primer ($47) to the full face, to perfect and prime skin
  • Last, he worked Artistry Exact Fit Longwearing Foundation  (Launching March 2016) into the face, starting in the center of the face and applying the foundation in a circular motion, blending towards the hairline


  • Rick used the Artistry Signature Color Eye Shadow Quads in Smoky and Pink Chocolate ($45 excludes compact) to create the delicate and luminescent eye
  • As the base, he blended together Eye Shadow #1 from both palettes (a pale pink and a shimmery white) – over the entire eye area, brushing it from the lash line, up over the lid to the eyebrow
  • Next, he used Eye Shadow #3 from the Pink Chocolate quad, and mixed with Artistry Signature Color Blush in Sweet Pink ($18 excludes compact), to blend into the crease with a small brush
  • For a final touch, Rick smudged the mix of Eye Shadow #1’s into the lower lash line, to serve as a liner and create light under the eye
  • To finish, he used Artistry Signature Color Longwearing Eye Pencil in Black ($20) on the upper lash line
  • He followed with a coat of Artistry Signature Eyes Volume Mascara in Black ($27) to the upper lashes for length and fullness
  • The brows were filled in and groomed with the Artistry Automatic EyeBrow Pencil in Taupe, Brown or Soft Black ($14)


  • For a subtle flush, he swept Artistry Signature Color Blush in Golden Light and Sweet Pink ($18 excludes compact) over the apples of the cheeks, blending towards the ear, to create color and definition


  • Rick prepped the lips by applying Artistry Exact Fit Longwearing Foundation (Launching March 2016) over lips to neutralize any color
  • To achieve the desired look, Rick applied Artistry Signature Color Sheer Lipstick in Natural Pink ($26) to the lips, blotting with a tissue, and to finish, lightly dusted Artistry Exact Fit Perfecting Loose Powder ($33) with a fluffy brush over the lips for a matte effect

pamella roland

What do you think about this look? Comment below!

Written by Stevie Guarino

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