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McDonald’s launched two new sizes for the Big Mac last night and what a party it was! Walking into the event, the smell of the famous Mickey D’s french fries filled the air. And there was a giant food truck serving endless amounts of Big Macs and french fries. Yum!

Olivia Culpo and Mario Lopez

Inside the studio was a chic set up of Big Macs on display behind the bars and dozens and dozens of burgers on the huge chandeliers in the middle of the room! Grand Mac was spelled in huge letters at the back of the room, which was a popular spot for photos. And servers were walking around with trays of big macs and french fries all night long. Happy face!

Justine Skye

Artist ‘Napkin Killa’ was at a table drawing people’s portraits on McDonald’s napkins and talking to the guests. The night included performances by Justine Skye and Desiigner as well as a set from DJ Arkade. Skye took the stage first which brought everyone to the stage. Desiigner came on after and by then, most everyone was dancing.

McDonald's Big Mac and French Fries

Mario Lopez, Olivia Culpo, Rory Kramer, Ryan Kelley, Marco James Marquez, and Cody Saintgne were all in attendance. Mario posed for pictures in the food truck and enjoyed drinks while talking to friends. Olivia smiled for the cameras on the stage and hung out with her friends on the couches in the front. Rory Kramer enjoyed Big Macs and fries from the food truck. A party with never ending burgers and fries…….what more could you ask for? Would you have enjoyed a party like that? Comment below!

Written by Alexa Furr


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