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Happy Adopt a Shelter Dog Month! And there is no better time to bring a shelter dog home than now. There are over 3.3 million homeless dogs in US animal shelters waiting to find forever homes.

shelter dog

In celebration of this special month, the ASPCA has launched the “Find Your Fido” pet adoption campaign. Fido is a virtual canine ambassador, representing all homeless dogs in shelters. And the more you spread the word about pet adoption, shelter pets, and finding your own “Fido,” the more lives of dogs you will save by increasing awareness. Just use #FindYourFido on social media when posting pictues and stories.

While it’s truly amazing gift to be able to adopt a homeless pet, if you aren’t able to, there are other ways to help save lives. Fostering, donating pet supplies and items to rescue groups and shelters, volunteering at an animal shelter, and advocating on behalf of animals are all very helpful.

Spread the word, foster, and adopt to save lives. It is one of the most rewarding things ever. Have you found your Fido? We want to know. Comment below!


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