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Michele Allen knew she had to do something. After rescuing and fostering Monkey, a 13 pound pup with heart problems and bad teeth, for almost two years until he passed, Allen was changed forever.

Mr. Peabody and Lucy, two sibling residents at Monkey's House

Mr. Peabody and Lucy, two sibling residents at Monkey’s House

“In losing Monkey the grief was really, really tough and the greatest thing we could do was push through our grief in honoring him, and Monkey loved other dogs,” Michele told CNN.

And so she created Monkey’s House, a retirement home for terminally ill, homeless senior dogs located in Southampton, New Jersey. It is a six acre sanctuary for dogs in their twilight years with terminal illness who are homeless and have no one to give them the care they so desperately need.

Monkey's House

These pups get home-cooked meals, can lay on any piece of furniture, and receive regular vet visits. This non-profit operates on the donations from others, and a staff fifty dedicated volunteers. There are around twenty residents at any given time.

And the costs to take care, house, and feed these dogs are quite high, exceeding thousands of dollars per month. Click here to learn more about Monkey’s House and how you can help.

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