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I was instantly transported back to 1960′s New York last night when I attended the season five premiere of Mad Men. In fact, I even got myself into the mood by wearing a vintage-inspired dress by StopStaring! The season premieres on March 25th with a two hour episode. And it is good. Really good. Unfortunately, that is all I am able to share about it as series creator Matthew Weiner literally swore us all to secrecy. And I am a girl who keeps my word. But know that you will be absolutely entertained and fall in love all over again with Don Draper!

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The after party, however, I can share with you. It was all about Manhattan. In fact, the event organizers constructed an NYC cityscape in the middle of the room at Boulevard3. It was even complete with a very green and lush Central Park! And the DJ spun tunes like “New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra in the background. Of course, what kind of a 1960′s gal would i be if I didn’t sip a filthy dirty vodka martini? So, I did.

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And I enjoyed chatting with Jared Harris (who looked sharp in his Brooks Brothers dark suit) and his lovely lady, Allegra Riggio about the very funny changes in his character in the first episode, while Jon Hamm and his gal pal Jennifer Westfeldt were engaged in a very intense conversation. Grey Anatomy’s Sandra Oh mingled at the event, as did a radiant looking January Jones and the charming John Slattery. Mad Men premieres on Sunday, March 25th on AMC.

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Red Carpet Roxy in a StopStaring! vintage-inspired dress at the Mad Men premiere

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    Roxy-that dress is amazing.

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